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You are probably visiting this page as you have seen a social media post or had a leaflet through your door? To find out more about the Gigabit Capable Broadband we are trying to get to a large number of properties in the village, please read the FAQs and the page below on how to register. Please note this is only for those premises north of Bell Lane.

You may be aware that half of the village have superfast broadband but there are just over 80 properties north of Bell Lane that do not and are barely functioning on slow upload and download speeds!

Three villagers have got together to sort out this issue and have met with Openreach, and WSCC with full support by the Parish Council to discuss the way forward. We are pleased to inform you that we can get Gigabit Capable broadband as part of the Governments Gigabit Voucher Scheme.

Gigabit capable broadband is the fastest and most reliable broadband available. It can achieve download speeds of 1000 megabits per second (Mbps) so it’s a huge leap forward and will future proof the properties that are connected.

To get this infrastructure to our area it will take some legwork and help from you and there are some tight deadlines for your response! It is important that we all work together to help each other as the more that register interest, the greater the likelihood this will happen. Please be advised that you are not required to commit to any particular provider for your broadband, this is purely to setup the infrastructure for those future providers.

OPENREACH have completed the initial investigation and they anticipate that the funding that can be claimed from the vouchers should cover the cost of the build. This is subject to a final quote as prices can vary but there should enough funding if we all work together to pool our vouchers.

DON’T PANIC….. we are not asking for money as the government have a pledge in place to pay for it, you will only need commit to asking for it . Residential properties can claim £1,500 per property and Business can get a much larger voucher value per premises of £3,500. This helps to boost the funds so please do register as a business if your property is also your registered business address. You can only register once so the registering your business at your address (if any) should be a priority. Please read the FAQs for more information on how it works.



If you want Gigabit Capable Broadband  and have read the FAQs then please send your information* via this email link in the following format:

TITLE OF EMAIL:   Your Surname, The first line of your address and your postcode

eg: Buckingham-Rhyder, 19 The Croft, GU29 0HQ

Then we need this following information in this format please:

      1. Surname
      2. Christian/contact name
      3. Address Line 1
      4. Address Line 2
      5. Town
      6. Postcode
      7. Business or Residential
      8. Company number/sole trader
      9. Telephone number
      10. Email address (its crucial this is regularly checked as the vouchers are sent by email)
      11. Please also confirm that you have read the FAQs in the email.
      • Please be advised your information will solely used for the registration of the 80± properties we are trying to connect and will not be used for any other purposes.
      • Your information is being passed to Caron Buckingham-Rhyder, 19 The Croft, Cocking, GU29 0HQ who is acting lead on the project. If you have any questions please use this email address but allow 2-3 days response time. Emails coming back to you may come from different email addresses as there are a few people dealing with this project.

Also, if you DON’T WANT IT, please let us know as well so we don’t keep hounding you! Be advised you may not be able to opt in after the deadline.

We will try and keep you informed of progress at all times and hope you will join us in helping the village get access to Gigabit Capable broadband.

With thanks,

Caron Buckingham-Rhyder, James Jarrad and Mark Beaumont with full support by Cocking Parish Council